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Welcome to Cerberus Tactical

Welcome to Cerberus Tactical a Division of P3LLC.
     Above Photo - Cerberus Tactical's Directed Operations Group "The DOG"

The Big DOG

The Big DOG - Pictured Below

 Some of the design features of the pistol are:


  • Forged Slide and Frame of our design and manufacture,  matted parts…that is to say, the first slide and first frame stay as a combined unit so the cutter wear off the tooling remains consistent
  • Heavy duty extreme barrel
  • Extreme cocking serrations for a gloved hand
  • Extreme checkering……gloved hand
  • Extreme Duty Grips called Shredders…again for a gloved hand
  • Oversized safeties….you got it…gloved hands
  • Oversized sight…..so when you look through a gas mask you can still see them…also allows you to charge the pistol on them
  • Oversized Magazine well ease insertion of the pistol under stress
  • Custom Fire control system, designed for LE use with clean and predictable trigger pull
  • Guaranteed 1” or less accuracy at 25 yards
  • Parts are Mag-ne-fluxed and X-Rayed for cracks or flaws
  •  IonBond Finish


These guns and magazines have been selected and are in current use with the Connecticut State Police Tactical Unit.

Contact us for more information. On-line sales of the Big Dog will be available soon.




P3LLC  Team Cerberus Tactical  Directed Operations Group

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