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Christopher Provost, President of Provost’s Precision Pistols (P3) is an exceptionally talented firearms instructor with over 30 years of firearms experience.  He is a different breed of instructor who espouses the concept of the “Science of Shooting”.  He incorporates his extensive education and study of shooting along with his years of experience as a private and corporate security consultant and professional bodyguard.


 In 2000, Christopher founded Cerberus Tactical, a mobile training group that draws upon a resource of active and retired military and law enforcement professionals in conjunction with a group of specialized individuals from the firearms industry.  This group has conducted training seminars to civilian, corporate and law enforcement in handgun, shotgun and rifle as well as full-auto formats.  Class sizes are tailored to the clients needs with an emphasis placed upon learning the foundation of shooting.  It is from this base platform that the Science of Shooting can be learned.  When taught properly and logically, the learning curve is dramatically reduced and students acquire the skills they desire faster.  Cerberus Tactical prides itself on the ability to teach students from different backgrounds on different levels.  Relate the known to the unknown is a tried and true teaching method and Cerberus Tactical has the ability through the diverse background of its instructors to do just that on a multitude of levels.  Cerberus Tactical is the perfect way to train you or your company’s employees to think, then shoot. 


Cerberus Tactical is based out of Connecticut and travels to location as required.  In addition to teaching the Science of Shooting, Cerberus Tactical conducts threat assessments of facilities.  Drawing from its eclectic staff, different scenarios and tactics can be brought to bear upon each situation and facility.  Whether you are a small business or a large facility with huge security needs, Cerberus Tactical will tailor its staff to meet the demands of each job and provide you with the knowledge and training to better secure your life or facility.


In each of these situations, whether it be a one on one training situation or a team approach to teaching your staff, P3 can provide the tools required to get the job done.  Whether you need to purchase pistols, rifles, shotguns or full-auto firepower, P3 is your licensed source for the finest products on the market. P3 has already sifted through the hype and sells and services all of the products we demo and teach.  The most sought after product is the handgun and P3 is a producer of the finest handguns on the market today. 



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